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Apostle Eva Gonzales has been married for over 20 years to Pastor Dennis Gonzales, a Santa Fe contractor; she is the mother of two and is a strong advocate of Christian family values.

Apostle Eva served as a head intercessor for her former pastor, Dr. Frederick Price of Crenshaw Christian Center. Pastor Eva earned her Bachelors’ Degree in Theology form Vision Christian College; she is an author who has written a book to dispel an ancient doctrine that has caused great dissention in the body of Christ. God has trained Pastor Eva in all five offices of His ascension gifts. Apostle Gonzales has testified to the fact of seeing the Holy Spirit move in Spiritual Realms bringing breakthroughs for pastors, ministers, ministries, churches, etc. Apostle Eva is a true Apostle who has been given authority to preach the gospel, evangelize, study before the Lord, lay hands on the sick, rebuke devils, travel and declare God’s Word over regions. Apostle Eva oversees several churches and pastors a fast growing church with her husband in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their television program is being seen in over 2 million homes.

Apostle Eva heart burns with a desire to help equip the Saints for the work of the ministry so that the Body of Christ will come in to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God. Apostle Eva has ministered in churches and conferences throughout the United States and God has now given her ministry a mandate to the nations. Signs, wonders, and miracles follow Apostle Eva as she teaches the Word; her unique style and powerful prophetic anointing leave people with a conscious presence of God, people go away with an awareness and a desire to build the Kingdom.  If you would like to invite Apostle Eva to speak at your church, conference or other event, please direct all speaking engagements to: 505-660-5282.


Fruit of The Spirit Ministries is starting SHABBAT services with Pastor Dennis Gonzales starting this Saturday 1/22/2011 from 10:00AM to 12 Noon.

 We encourage you to attend and see what the Lord has for you! SHALOM!

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